New Music Friday Favorites

Before you kick off your weekend, check out these five recently released tracks:

Sam Way – Ember

“Ember” by Sam Way contains a fresh, ambient pop energy emanating from its collision of ethereal synth and pulsating beat. In addition, Way provides impressive, levitating vocals to cap off this song’s peak moments.

Mamita Papaya – El Dresscode

Spanish rock quintet Mamita Papaya’s single “El Dresscode” is a cavalcade of rollicking drums, trumpet stings and strung out reverb accents. If you like what you hear, Mamita Papaya’s upcoming album, “9 de Espadas” is slated to be released this October.

Amazonica – New Start

“New Start,” the darkwave-esque single by Amazonica, alternates between subtle pins and needles sensations to palpable apprehension. For more, be sure to check out her new album, “Victory.”

Pattern Primitive – The Water

Aside from the distinct acoustic intro, “The Water” by French pop duo, Pattern Primitive is akin to the highly fragmented sonics transmitted by paranormal echo boxes. Recently, the duo released their latest EP, “Dévu,” on their BandCamp page.

XCVIII – Sophia

“Sophia” is a shoegazey synthpop single by Detroit-based artist XCVIII. In addition, “Sophia” doubles as the soundtrack to a short film produced by XCVIII.


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