Third Degree /// Ivy Ash

The release of Ivy Ash’s “Third Degree” took place on October 26th in 2021 while the release of the acoustic version took place on November 23rd in 2021. Let’s keep one eye open as we step away and take a closer look at this track. 

Based in Warwickshire, West Midlands, England before moving to London, Ivy is not just a music artist. Ivy claimed that she must’ve been in her early twenties when “it felt like life wasn’t one big uphill struggle” when going through plenty of experiences that she was able to recount and stories for her to tell. According to, Ivy had started making music “as a way of expressing her struggles and overcoming anxiety.” She states that she hopes that her music “helps others to find their true voice and confidence. Even if my work resonates with just one person, it makes it all worthwhile” ( 

“Third Degree” represents Ivy Ash’s respected genre of synth-pop. She was also able to influence other music genres like pop, commercial pop, dance, commercial vocal dance, funk, and classic sound. 

The melodies were not the only noteworthy aspect of both tracks. Ivy has a rich vocal tone as she puts real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are punchy and clever with some original phrases. Instrumentally, both tracks have a smooth, balanced, and rich accompaniment that complements the vocal track in a cool way. While there was an amazing synth-pop sound in the original release, there was a great piano sound, too, in the acoustic version that made the acoustic release stand out even more. The performance quality was high throughout “Third Degree,” both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, both tracks are catchy, melodious, and well-shaped, and I think it has strong potential to dance their way to the top of the charts.

Ivy’s time is never up when releasing these tracks for her audience in hopes of finding their experiences worth sharing.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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