Wotz Ur Numbah /// Trannieboi

The United Kingdom based artist, Jolliff Seville (pseudonym Trannieboi), has released their latest track, “Wotz Ur Numbah”, which is an upbeat hyperpop/dubstep track. With fun lyrics, infectious melodies, and an excellent production, this song is perfect to dance to. 

“Wotz Ur Numbah” is the followup to Seville’s summer release “Halfcast Quasimodo”. With this track, Seville takes the listener into the “dark of the club. It’s loud but manages to sit low in the throat… [it’s] meant to be felt as much as heard on the dance floor”. Seville proudly and perfectly flows on the track. It complements the energy of the song and adds onto the production extremely well. It has a liberating sense to it and the listener cannot help but want to get on the dance floor.  

The melodies and production are very infectious as well, and it is produced by Shurk who is a longtime collaborator of Seville. The production is mostly backed by hard hitting drums and bass that you will feel in your chest. It is heavily influenced by hyperpop, dubstep, and grime which is native to England’s southwest. It gives this wonderful vibe to the song, and it allows the listener to feel as free as Seville. 

In general, it is all very hypnotic and will make the listener want to get up and get on the dance floor. It is extremely relaxed yet powerful and perfectly exhibits Seville’s mastery over the track. 

“Wotz Ur Numbah” is an excellent hyperpop/dubstep track that would be perfect to listen to late at night at a club. With the fun lyrics mixed with the enthralling melodies and production, Seville showcases their talents exceptionally well. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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