Under the direction of Maxwell Hamilton, the creative force behind indie folk project DRFTRS, “About You” conjures a portrait of the ravages of drugs and alcohol may have on a relationship. Delving deep within himself, Hamilton takes a sledgehammer to it all on this epic folk track. All of the proverbial walls are knocked down, leaving behind the emotional rubble in this song’s wake.

At first, “About You” eases you in with simple, disarming acoustics. However, this track is far from a folksy good time. It is a sobering experience for Hamilton, who opens with “no more whiskey, no more wine. Sleeping pills to pass the time.” His dry and weary tone is palpable as he seeks clarity after emerging from a haze.

However, this quiet, introspective section is erased by the wrenching chorus. The symphonic emergence of a string element ratchets up the intensity. Also, Hamilton wrings out his emotional reserves as he ponders how he’s “pulled you under. Since I’ve been sinking.” In turn, he lets it all go on the last line, wailing out “fire me up with bullets with everything that ever was about you.”

Visions of “sunsets in the Pacific Northwest” offer hope for a brighter future during an all-out indie folk jam that exudes a notion of optimism. However, a dose of reality hits Hamilton as this “interesting time to be alive” leaves him “struggling to survive.” In the end, an upbeat melody is not enough to quell Hamilton’s struggle.

“About You” wraps the listener in its web. With heart wrenching intensity, Hamilton delivers incredible emotional depth.


Written by Travis Boyer





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