Burn This City /// Chasing Tales

Chasing Tales’ “Burn This City” is an enchanting, whirlwind of mayhem, bringing both new worlds and old majestically merging them into an undefinable alt/ Indie rock concoction. Chasing Tales’ EP “TWIAD/BP” came out Friday and it’s full of verifiable hallowed, mystifying tracks. “Burn This City” is an alluring circus of sensation.

The fuse of the earth flickering on in an alarming dark where “they still pray to the old gods/ and sing the old songs.” We are brought into a world of art and wildness where, “now burn this city/ now burn this city now.” The teeth of the song grind on the livid world. Where we divulge the slow, rise and set of plucking guitars and digging lyrics searching for reciprocity in a city unfamiliar with those ethos.

The language of bodies moving like pistons in a wall of fire wedded to the night of a world. We burn the whole edifice down with the pillars razed like Pompeii under the dusty feet of Mt. Vesuvius perhaps to see only the light that was there staring at us all this time. That bluesy-jazz guitar hyphenates the aching condolences of grief and anxiety-

Wailing and showering “Burn This City” with brief reverberations of upheavals that trespasses into the domain of shadow work. But we must delve into the darkness to see the light, wait the passage of night to see the sun- Chasing Tales’ “Burn This City” is an effulgent journeying through the world of sensuality and shadows, and exoticism and light- Like so many things that are hidden and esoteric it must be searched for, we are asked to wade through the depths to find our ancestors and inner spirit, the meaning of planets and the true purpose of life.

There’s a wax and wane of hips and our desires supplicating the moon and stars that are mere passersby in this ephemeral existence. We listen with a slow, tangible gravity grasping at the heart of what matters. Chasing Tales is so many days of living as though we could unearth fire from our bodies. Give “Burn This City” a listen and the new EP TWIAD/BP as well. 

Written by Hari Palacio




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