Berlin Wall /// Rofi James

“Berlin Wall” is the new single by Rofi James, an Irish Pop group. They have had lots of success in Ireland since 2019, and this new track continues to grow and develop their sound. 

The group is made of three members; Rónán (Rofi) Ó Flaithearta, Jamie Murray, and Joseph Flaherty. The keyboard and drum beat are the main musical instruments featured on the song. The vocals take center stage, with catchy pop melodies. “I don’t care where we are, so let’s just jump in my car,” is a relatable lyric about the people we care about most mattering more than what we are doing, or where we are going. It is all for the people we care about most. 

This Indie Pop song reflects on a relationship, and the experiences that they have gone through together. They want everything to be alright, and it is alright when they are together. “Feels like we’re stuck on repeat, locked in the same routine.” This song is a call for them to do something else, to change things up, and to connect. “By the Berlin Wall.” The Berlin Wall represents mystery and change within the narrative of the song. It is the mysterious place of escape that the characters travel to, even though looking back at history, it would have lots of different meanings associated with it. 

The song is a call to be different, and to think critically about habits and routines, and maybe breaking them and doing something different every once in a while.

Written by Skylar Rogers

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