Take Your Shot /// Micah Thunder

“Take Your Shot” is a new Pop Rock single by Micah Thunder. The introduction features guitars and a collage of sounds. The main melody is played by a synthesizer that sounds like a horn section, with cords and counter melodies played by electric guitars. The sprawling and wide drum section adds depth to the song. 

Micah Thunder was born and raised in New Mexico, USA. He has had a long history of writing songs and has been a recording artist since 2018. This song is just the latest in a series of singles this year from Micah Thunder. I recommend checking out the artists’ Spotify page, or their personal website for more information and tunes! 

“Look up, don’t look down. Take your best shot baby, this one’s on me.” These lyrics offer introspection about the ups and downs of life, as the main character offers someone in some kind of relationship to “take your best shot.” This comparison of consuming alcohol to represent the chances we take in life is an interesting metaphor. The author is inviting adventure on the song, but at the same time this is not a reckless journey, it is one that needs precision. “Give your faith in healing, I see you believing. You’re gonna go far, You’re gonna hit that mark,” he sings to inspire hope in those that may be doubting themselves. “You better believe me, You’re already there,” concludes the final verse before a repetition of the chorus. 

This song’s message is to take the chances in life to make it where you want to be. This song truly is inspirational, and Micah Thunder offers this wisdom with soothing vocal parts and instrumentation.

Written by Skylar Rogers

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