Saturday /// Edward Sansom

On his latest single, “Saturday,” Edward Sansom exudes an air of confidence during a rollicking, party rock anthem. The Brighton, UK artist displays an undeniable swagger on a whirlwind of a tune.

Invincibility is one of the traits Sansom boasts about. “Sharks don’t bite me,” he slyly mentions with a hint of arrogance. His vocals are unmistakably brash, leaving very little doubt that he is the top dog. There is no confusing Sansom for a shrinking violet here.

At the onset, Sansom is backed by an artful bass that subtly introduces this song to your ears. It’s unassuming in sound, but doesn’t go completely under the radar for long. As it transitions to the chorus, that stealthy melody goes by the boards in favor of a joyous rock sound. Sansom announces his presence with resounding authority with an intensifying melody.

“Come around on a Saturday night,” is the echoing refrain that leaps out from the fervor of each chorus. None of these renditions are more intense than its last gasp. A brief spurt of dreamy guitar riffs gives way to a head spinning jam that finishes off this track. In tandem, Sansom’s vocals rise up to another level, matching the whiplash melody note for note. 

At its height, “Saturday” is an overwhelming force of sheer intensity. In addition, Sansom’s patented swagger provides a smooth, yet subtle arrogance during its softer moments. “Saturday” will nimbly prowl around, waiting for the right moment to wallop the listener with a direct strike.

Written by Travis Boyer





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