Stay Right Till The End /// Finn Forster

“Stay Right Till The End,” the latest single by singer-songwriter Finn Forster, is a frenetic jam. Dialing the tension up and down, the listener rides each swift, melodic wave to its crest before free falling back down. It is a melodic roller coaster that leaves the listener holding on for dear life with each sharp movement.

The most effective aspect of this tune is the constant, brisk pace at which it moves. Before each explosive outburst, there is a ticking time bomb effect that frantically counts down. A series of tense drums and driving guitar click off the remaining seconds before a detonation. At the end, a shock wave of piercing guitar riffs tears right on through.

The volatility of this tune is reflected in Forster’s wrenching vocals. Matching the intensity note for note, he lets it all go during each chorus. Each wail of “stay right till the end” is the exasperated conclusion of each chorus. Sharp guitar riffs help to punctuate his vocal wails.

One of the undercurrents of this song is dwindling time. As Forster puts it, “time is thieving.” Once the seconds wind down, they are not coming back. In relation to this melody, time flies by in an instant.

With “Stay Right Till The End,” Forster has created a raucous jam that fires off at breakneck speed at a moment’s notice. It is clear that there is no time to waste. The clock is ticking and Forster races against it from start to finish.

Written by Travis Boyer





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