Fire In Your Eyes /// Martin Smith

This Indie Pop song is carried by powerful synthesizers and vocals. The guitar part compliments the melody, and fits the tone of the track well. The lyrics are inspirational, and are religiously centered. They truly make you feel the emotion and passion behind the artist and his belief, and the product is moving and heroic. “I lift my eyes to see that help is on the way,” Smith sings on the first verse. 

The chorus lyrics, “I see fire in Your eyes, I see a love that never dies,” describe the connection between Jesus and his followers. The melody is catchy and fun, with Smith’s vocals soaring above the track. The drum part works well in the background of the song, to set the mood as momentous and fluid. This song is enjoyable and can create a connection to the listener, even if they aren’t spiritual or religious. The music is enjoyable for any type of person to listen to, which speaks to Smith as a songwriter. But, the words do strike a cord for listeners who are in tune with their spirituality. 

Martin Smith is a Christian Rock artist from England, who before he went solo was a member of the group Delirious?. Since 2009, he has worked as a solo act, giving people hope and connecting the love of God to his fans through his music. 

This song will be featured on his new album titled “Dancing in the Fire” on the horizon, with a 2022 release date. There is more to look forward to from Martin Smith, and the fans of his music are able to be brought together by their shared faith. 

Written by Skylar Rogers

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