Kaleidoscope /// Magic Acid Cult

The art of psychedelic music can range from subtle melodic swings to wild, off the wall experimentation. At its core, the genre is a mind bending exploration of how far flung a melody can go before it becomes a sonic mess. Complacency is not a trait of the psychedelic sound.

“Kaleidoscope,” the latest single by Toronto based musician, Magic Acid Cult, falls into the sweet spot of the psychedelic movement. It is the type of immersive experience that one would expect from a trippy tune. However there is some assembly required before the finished product is revealed. You hear every component as it is installed to form a sonic mechanism of perpetual motion.

At the start, a haywire guitar fires up as means for ignition. For a period of time, it feels like the melody is part of a tune up process. In turn, a warbling guitar joins the fray, allowing for an expansive sound to unfold. 

As the song progresses, it is clear that the melody is more than musical notes strung together. It is a well oiled machine. “Kaleidoscope” is aptly titled because this tune serves a revolving function. With the exception of a few differences, the same melodic patterns repeat in cyclical fashion.

Collectively, the vocals on this track are nearly imperceptible. Whispering from the void, they almost blend right in. As a result, the vocals do not leap right to the forefront. Instead, they have become unified with the melody.

“Kaleidoscope” is psychedelic without becoming a terrifying, acid trip in the process. As a result, Magic Acid Cult created a tune that bends, but does not break.

Written by Travis Boyer




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