No Venus Moves /// The Miller Test

The aloof charm of The Miller Test is a docent coursing through the minds of ruffians and saints, Saturnian flux and heady Jupiter clashing at the most auspicious moments. “No Venus Moves” is a sutra of post-punk modernism, it calls to mind the ghosts of bands like the Wire, Television, and the Raincoats, etc.

There is a noisy canto being exhumed from the fiery depths of all those entangled lyrics, we are called to waver through like passing clouds and stony suns in the afterlife of universes moving in a reckless prayer of lucid thought- The fallout is this luxurious tone reflected in a mirror of the self where we hourly gaze into the mire like so much consuming aging, we fit within the body of a contorted palindrome where giving in to sensuality becomes the toolset of isolation.

A sun gazing upon truth: within the eternal coils of modernity, a kiss of change reaching the heights of impossible galaxies- We are hearing the well ding with omens, a continual ripe drop of obols into the middle of the world. “Downtown could be far worse/ choir singing on the self clinging,”

The Miller Test’s “No Venus Moves” lyrics are oddities and truths, petitioning the sky for more time in an ephemeral world. The Miller Test’s “No Venus Moves” is a post-punk, alt-rock labyrinth of catchy-music. It’s hard not to be swept away by the complicated aphorisms of The Miller Test they are both eloquent and raw. The beauty of “No Venus Moves” comes with its gnashing lyrics and a guitar and bass work that pulses along-

There are so many tangible elements to the success of The Miller Test and they all in the end work. When finding the anima of the record we share in the marvel of staring at our own bare selves. What we gather from “No Venus Moves” is a deeper affirmation of what the planets have been saying all along- Deep within there in the starlight give The Miller Test a listen discover those immutable things   

Written by Hari Palacio





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