Superstition /// Wine Moms

The unabashed, car-crash of angelic guitars, pedals and effects are a nuptial of cymbal-like gyrations- Wine Moms are a robotic clashing, a noisy hemlock of rhythmic statelessness. It’s a gaze into the impenetrable. A howl into the erotic, voiceless thoughts peering deeply within and abound us. Think the mythic sounds of Sonic Youth, The Wire, and Kraftwerk etc.

Wine Moms is a timely band their hip almost monstrous sound has a strange heavenly taste. It’s a sweet cup of kissing under the avant-garde bridge. There are ziggurats buried underneath the soil, reverberating between headphones unearthing those passing thoughts, both luminous and wild.

Wine Moms “Superstition” has its fluctuations that become like a grave force moving through sacred Amazonian jungles. The way we listen to “Superstition” is unique to each of us, we are all different and yet it’s power is universal. Wine Moms’ “Superstition” is a radical life transforming experience to music-heads and will surely outlive the most hearty of us all.

It’s truly a pleasure to experience such a unique work of art, like most beautiful pieces of music it’s multidimensional and rare. Wine Moms is a paradise of post-punk, an apocalyptic cacophony of art-rock, and electro/ new-wave. With it’s beady eyes blaring down the meridian, we can spot the lost science of madness and phantoms bypassing our consciousness throughout life.   

When traveling along unknown towns and through fading cities we begin to linger on our own recklessness and turn away from the bend in the rivers until the moon is seen in the relationship with the wavelets of the salty sea water merging with the river. Wine Moms “Superstition” is its own world, we are invited to become nomadic brothers and sisters of that realm, both a marvel and a frighteningly beautiful offering 

Written by Hari Palacio



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