Reckless Deadly /// Sunday Hunter

The Australian based artist, Sunday Hunter, has released her latest track, “Reckless Deadly”, which is an eclectic electronic synth pop track. With the enthralling lyrics, the beautiful vocal performance, and excellent production, this engaging track is a perfect first solo release for Sunday Hunter. 

Sunday Hunter states that “Reckless Deadly” is about the intertwining of good and bad.  “Reckless Deadly is about the frenetic nature of life as we know it, and how the lines of write-and-wrong have become irreparably blurred, especially by the media, making what used to seem like simple decisions unnecessarily complex,” she states in regards to the meaning of the song. The lyrics are beautiful and Sunday Hunter masterfully exudes those feelings. “Reckless Deadly” is pondering and creates the perfect atmosphere to listen to while contemplating how we all have right and wrong within us. 

The melodies and production are incredibly beautiful as well. The song is filled with electric sounds, heavy fast-paced beats, and a distorted guitar that creates a wonderful soundscape. The production is a perfect complement to the dejected lyrics. It allows the listener to feel all the emotions that Sunday Hunter exhibits. The production also assists the mesmerizing melodies and vocal performance. The vocals and melodies are extremely hypnotic and is the perfect cherry on top of this track that will have you pondering life. The vocals are relaxed yet intense and perfectly showcases her mastery over the song. 

“Reckless Deadly” is a superb debut from Sunday Hunter. It is an engaging electronic synth pop release that was solely written and produced by Sunday Hunter. It is full of emotion and soul, and with the intense lyrics mixed with the enthralling melodies and production, Sunday Hunter exhibits all her talents exceptionally well. She shows that she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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