Robert Dufresne /// Kevin Rieth

Any rock musician worth their salt can play a few trusty chords and get by with a simplistic melody. However, there are those who can conjure up a whimsical melody with their imagination. “Robert Dufresne,” the latest single by San Diego-based singer-songwriter Kevin Rieth, delves into the fantastical side of rock. Serving up an orchestral spin, the listener goes for a ride aboard a carouseling tune that weaves a yarn about a few peculiar characters.

On “Robert Dufresne,” Rieth, poetically, lays the groundwork for a pair of characters. Robert Dufresne, the title character, has a quirk of “wearing no shoes in the rain.” Then, there’s Nina, “who just flew in from Spain,” who is “young, but she walks with a cane.” It is a minimalist form of storytelling, leaving bread crumbs of who these characters are. However, with the fanciful melodies, you can picture the simple, yet slightly offbeat, world that only exists in Rieth’s mind.

At the beginning, a jaunty piano driven tune makes a brief appearance before being upended by a cluster of sharp, downward guitar riffs. On top of it all, Rieth’s floating vocals enter the scene, adding an air of wonder. To complete this ensemble, a horn section arrives with the necessary lightheartedness.

If you’re looking for an alternative to mainstream, formulaic rock, Kevin Rieth’s “Robert Dufresne” fits the bill. Leisurely with a rock edge, this imaginative tune disposes with the humdrum and installs its own wondrous brand. From its eccentric characters to its high concept melody, “Robert Dufresne” is a fun listen that keeps you on your toes.

Written by Travis Boyer






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