Long Way Ahead /// The Midnight Vortex

Over the span of the last two years, it may feel as if the world is collectively standing on a ledge. As a result, as individuals, we may feel lost amongst the chaos and finally give into the madness at large. If you’re lucky enough, you may have someone to pull you back from the brink. “Long Way Ahead,” the latest single from London-based, alternative rock band, The Midnight Vortex, is that trusty companion discouraging you from taking that fateful plunge.

Throughout much of this track, there is the slow burn of a methodical, blues inspired rock sound. It is meant to feel somber, but it does not overwhelm you with a morose melody. Instead, it finds a middle ground between hope and despair. It’s a contemplative tone that weighs heavily, but does not crush your spirit.

Emerging from the bluesy melody are the smoky vocal stylings of lead singer Bri Macanas. We’re first introduced to her with the empathetic opening line of “I can see the sadness in your eyes.” Befitting of the moment, Macanas’ voice exudes a tender lilt.

The first line of the chorus, “hey, my friend. Today is not the day for you to die,” is a poignant plea. With an arduous journey of “walking through fire” in the rear view, Macanas is quick to remind that “it’s a long way ahead.” All of this boils down to not losing sight of life’s journey despite any hardships that may arise along the way.

For a grand finale, the pacing of the drums pick up ever so slightly, inviting Macanas to unleash piercing vocals that hit right to the core. “Begging for mercy” rings out and hits harder than ever before. All of the patient and measured melodies have led to a fiery finish.

For a band that’s only been around since the summer of 2021, The Midnight Vortex have come out swinging with their second single. “Long Way Ahead” is buoyed by their meditative melodies and Bri Macanas’ magnificent vocals. Together, they form a deep, introspective blues-inspired sound.

Written by Travis Boyer






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