Treasure Chest /// Nero Simon and the Sunsetters

The release of Nero Simon and the Sunsetters’ track, “Treasure Chest”, took place on January 14th of 2022. Nero Simon and co-lead singer, Melissa Mason, are the lead vocalists of this soft, rockin’ tune.

“Treasure Chest” is a track that is able to continue to keep folk-rock alive, providing a sense of 80’s vibes along with it. With the instrumentation to continue to bring the influence of folk-rock around and have it represented, it has been able to bring musical flow through words, tunes, and melodies. 

Originating from Atlanta, Georgia, Nero Simon and the Sunsetters have never failed to make their audience feel that they are a part of a paradise away from their homes, making them feel relaxed with each and every single tune that they are bound to share with their intended audience and the rest of the world. Nero Simon and the Sunsetters, however, are not just a music band. According to, their songs are those “that make you want to laugh, dance, sing, sometimes cry.”

The melodies were not the only noteworthy aspect of “Treasure Chest.” The melody was tuneful and catchy. Nero and Melissa have a warm and stylish vocal tone and put real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are original and clever with some punchy phrases. The instruments sound wonderful, too, making the track have a paradise-like feel. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, this song is amusing and distinctive, and I think it has strong potential to make the audience feel like they can relax on an island at any given time.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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