Start Again /// Jonathan Lobo

The release of Jonathan Lobo’s track, “Start Again,” took place on January 16th of 2022. Jonathan has been able to put his heart and soul into the track when it comes to having a wonderful singing voice to go along with this amazing track.

“Start Again” is a track that is able to share a backstory, finding a sense of hope with each and every single word of the piece that is sung. With the instrumentation that is able to influence the meaning of the track, it has been able to give off something that the audience can enjoy, and find joy and peace with as he is able to share his music with the rest of the world.

Based in Dubai, Jonathan has been able to share his time and effort that can make his tracks out of this world through the words of lyrics that are bound to tell a story. On the other hand, Jonathan is not just your typical artist. According to, Jonathan has stated that “Start Again” has become “a reminder that with every ending comes a new beginning.” 

The melodies were not the only noteworthy aspect of “Start Again.” The melody was well-shaped and interesting. Jonathan has a warm, soft vocal tone as he puts real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are meaningful and deep with phrases that are able to express a possible storyline that can be for an upcoming novel or plot of a movie. The piano has added a nice touch to the track as well, making the track feel some type of way when it is being played. Overall, the song is melodious and tuneful, and I think it has the potential to reach the hearts of those around the world.

Written by Sherryl Citera




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