“Moving On” is a UK based dance, rap tune that embodies the UK spirit from its melodic progressions, four on the floor drums, and especially the bass rhythm that carves space for the catchy hook that is both anthemic and playful in its intention of removing toxic people out of life. RavenRain hopes her new song can push listeners to be confident in who they truly are and independent of the unproductive relationships we find ourselves in.

RavenRain, representing London, raps the verse with personality and charisma, riding the beat with different flows, but also never taking herself too seriously while performing her verses which allows the track to have the fun pop appeal that mainstream radio would gravitate towards. 

After an 808 kick hits towards the end, there’s a cool ambient bridge leading to the last hook with synth pads and a subtle hi-hat moving in syncopated trap rhythms. This sets the stage for the most emotive segment of the song where RavenRain sings about feeling like she was left to die inside, ultimately arriving at the song’s theme that it’s time to drop the people who could do this to you from your life. 

The song concludes with the hook, bringing you back to the 90s UK feel. The authentic British sound that you might have heard in an old The Streets record returns and this is what truly makes the record feel more authentic than it would be gimmicky.

RavenRain has delivered a fun UK rap/sung pop tune that instrumentally can serve as a head bobbing backdrop, or lyrically provide some therapy and relatability for those who have been hurt by toxic relationships. We look forward to what’s next from the multi-talented artist.

Written by Jon Kagan





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