Rock intermingled with pop music has got to be one of our favorite musical genre blends. Something about the upbeat nuances and vibes on a pop track mixed in with classic rock sounds and edgy tones just makes for the utmost perfect musical combination. Luckily for you, we’ve found a track that encompasses all of these elements and more, with Losun’s new hit “Crossroad.”

The musical project of Losun was created by Mateo Guidali as a healing project. Using music to talk about anxiety and mental disorders, Mateo threw himself into Losun to share his own experiences. The power of music is astronomical, and the connections it can build with varying people is extremely important to Losun. Sharing ones story can impact others in ways we have no way of measuring. “They say music heals the soul for a reason” – Losun

Losun’s brand new single “Crossroad” speaks to tricky life decision making. As the title depicts, being met in the crossroad with certain relationships can be difficult. No matter how much we care about someone, sometimes we’ve just outgrown them and find ourselves needing to move on from a certain situation. It’s difficult to meet someone at a crossroad, even if we know that we must end up going in different directions.

With a heavy subject matter, Losun builds an anthemic aura that creates such a hypnotizing listening experience. Leaning towards psychedelic rock, the piece still infuses elements of upbeat pop jams that sound utterly modern. Towards the midway point of the piece, we’re met with a deep breakdown period where we can focus on what’s next to come, where we’ll go after this crossroad.

Living more in the moment, Losun sings out, “Crossroad in neverland, down the rabbit hole we go, take my hand and let’s try and do what we can, to have fun, we’re not done…

Written by McKinley Franklin







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