At Water /// Maejis Mind

Maejis Mind’s new EP “At Water” is a velvety smooth dream that screams nostalgia. The flawless EP is composed of three genre-fusing tracks with psychedelic pop, R&B, and dream pop elements. Each track has its own unique vibe, and each song tells its own story. According to Maejis Mind, “At Water” is about accepting loss and being able to hold on to those memories, which is something that everyone, unfortunately, can learn from. 

The first track, “Watch The Rain,” has an ultra-soothing instrumental consisting of dreamy guitars, mesmerizing synths, and Maejis Mind’s captivating voice; all of the elements combined put the listener into a haze, creating a powerful, soothing and alluring track. The lyrics stand out: “I can’t stay here forever; I wish things could be better” and “The memories stayed, it’s ok, I can relive those times,” highlighting the all-consuming feelings of nostalgia. 

Followed by “Watch The Rain” is “There Was Time,” a melancholic track that is meant to be listened with closed eyes, as it has such an overwhelming feeling that can only be compared to floating on a cloud. “There Was Time” has a rock element, with its soaring guitars and hard-hitting drums. The instrumental on “There Was Time” is enthralling, especially accompanied by Maejis Mind’s calming voice. 

The last track on the EP, “Face On The Water/Empty Room,” takes a backseat to the instrumental, as it is completely stripped down, focusing on Maejis Mind’s magical and truly peaceful voice. Maejis Mind’s pain has eventually reached acceptance in this track, and this acceptance is so carefully crafted in the lyrics: “Memories turn into just a face” and “How do I let go of those times.” 

Memories are everlasting, yet as a chapter closes, the memories slowly lose their meaning. “At Water” perfectly encapsulates this sad feeling of memories slowly fading away and the acceptance that has to eventually go along with it. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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