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Kiss Me Sober /// Fran Lusty

At times, we come across pieces of music that are truly transformative. The message, the vocals, the melodies; everything builds together to create an impeccable piece of work. We find all of this and so much more through Fran Lusty’s track, “Kiss Me Sober.”

Fran’s angelic vocals stun us instantly, inviting us to learn more about the story of the piece. The soft folk aura presented on the track reels us in even further. Though the opening elements of the track create an inviting sense, we can’t help but feel a somewhat cold spirit, too. This challenges us to listen further, to find the true meaning of the piece.

Continuing, Fran sings out to a presumed lover, urning for some kind of sign that they’re there for the right reasons. Searching for the meaning of the relation, we notice Fran is protective over this person and their shared experiences. Trying to find hope in the relationship, we swiftly understand where these hints of icy feelings come in when Fran questions if this person will be there when they’re sober.

Hoping that this is real, Fran questions her relation, singing, “Whisper that you’ll never leave cause I’m perfect, but I know you don’t mean it, it’s just the alcohol speaking…”

These lingering doubts are feelings that a widespread audience can connect to. It’s easy to get entangled in the fun that comes with a night out, but we often question the true intentions of the people around us after the fun comes to an end. “Kiss Me Sober” challenges us to consider our relationships, and the motives of those around us.

We hold on to the hope that the people around us truly love us, that they’ll be there the next morning, like Fran mentions. The indie/folk inspiration of the piece blended with this deep meaning create a transformative piece. Fran produces such a touching piece with “Kiss Me Sober” that leaves us wanting more.

Written by McKinley Franklin






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