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Already Blue /// Markus Murphy

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a classic jazz track that incorporates more modern sounding elements. It’s a very specific niche of music that we’ve been in the search for; something with evident jazz inspiration, but also including funk/rock/ pieces, too. Luckily, we’ve found all these components and more in Markus Murphy’s incredible track, “Already Blue.”

Based out of Montreal, Canada, Markus Murphy find inspiration in his musical works from a blend of both classical and modern artists. From the classical side, we see Markus referencing Brian Wilson, Roy Orbison and Marvin Gaye, and Tame Impala and the Indications for the modern scope. Creating music from a very young age, it’s to no surprise that we see Markus leading a band jazz to help aid in his pieces.  

The incorporation of Markus’ jazz band’s pieces into his piece “Already Blue” transcend the song to new heights. Amidst the classic-sounding instruments showcased in the piece, we become hypnotized by the sounds of the horns, strings, percussion and keys throughout. Blending in these soulful elements that everyone adores from jazz music with more modern sounds reminiscent of rock pieces creates a listening experience like no other.

Though the musical elements behind “Already Blue” seem to be virtually cheery and funky, Markus’ piece speaks to some of the “bluer” emotions that we do still experience. We’re in awe of the way that Markus combines these two polarizing sentiments, creating an environment to explore the sadness that we can still feel in rather bright places. Markus sings an experience with a past lover, how he doesn’t understand how they got to the place they now are.

All in all, “Already Blue” is a musical piece of work that stuns us from beginning to end. Though Markus’ piece has an overall deeper meaning to it, the track still has an optimistic, attracting vibe to it. Make sure to stream “Already Blue,” or you’ll be feeling rather “blue” that you missed out on such a fabulous piece.  

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