A Hundred Lovers /// Simeon Hammond Dallas

Dealing with modern love affairs can rise up an array of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Contemporary relationships are difficult to navigate, often not working out or leaving us unsatisfied. Being a woman navigating these relationships imposes challenges separate than others, struggles that some don’t have to consider. Simeon Hammond Dallas new track “A Hundred Lovers” dives deeper on an array of these vulnerable topics.

Camden Town-based artist Simeon possess a fresh, unique perspective on artistry unlike other artists we’ve seen before. Crafting beautiful country/soul/folk pieces, Simeon’s dynamic vocals stun her audiences. Creating music with such a vulnerable point of view, it’s no surprise that Simeon has smashing successes within the music industry. Debuting music in 2019, by 2020 Simeon was named among the ten top black female country artists to keep our eyes on by several publications. This year, we can expect her second studio EP, Make It Romantic.

Following the title to her upcoming EP, Simeon’s latest release “A Hundred Lovers” follows the theme of speaking about passionate endeavors. Dazzling listeners with her magnetizing vocals, Simeon belts out beautiful lyrics about modern dating experiences.

Navigating love affairs can be difficult, and Simeon once joked that she had “a hundred lovers” herself. She was texting with her friend when, “I told her jokingly, I have a hundred lovers, and subsequently wrote the song within the hour. I’m releasing it as an anthem for the sunshine months of holiday romances and love affairs.”

The song, overall, amplifies independent women navigating experiences in such a male-dominated world. “A Hundred Lovers” discusses the many relationships we deal with throughout life, and how they somehow seem to never work out the ways we once hoped. Simeon pronounces this message, singing, “I’ve fallen out of love like a wave…”

The natural country/soul/folk inspiration on the piece captivates us, sounding beautifully modern. Offering a listening experience like no other, Simeon’s story is one that many of us can relate to and find solace in. Make sure to stay tuned for Simeon’s upcoming album, Make It Romantic, coming later this year.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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