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The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland /// Mo Douglas

There’s something about a super rock-inspired track that just makes us want to jam out with friends. There’s just something about those classic, almost ‘60s/’70s sounding pieces of music that give us nostalgic vibes, all allow us to remember good times. These are the touches that we see from Mo Douglas’ new track “The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland.

The musical genres of garage rock and funk are blended seamlessly in this feel-good track. We’re introduced to funky, encouraging vibes that emerge throughout the entire instrumental track. The super retro/vintage spirit on the track allows us to indulge in the classic guitar sounds that are platformed throughout the piece. Natural elements of funk/soul music are infused throughout the track, creating a genre that we’ve never quite listened to before.

The overall rock aura on the track makes us feel like we’re at a rock and roll concert set in the ‘70s. The crafty instrumental creates a magnetizing sound, reeling in listeners from its onset. Though still showing those nostalgic rock vibes that we love, “The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland” infuses modern elements, making for an exceptional piece.

Following Douglas’ 2021 album Fry The Onion Gently, “The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland” offers for an overall satisfying aesthetic listening experience. Transcended back intime upon first listen, we can also see this track being platformed to modern rock lovers today. Blending both waves of rock influences comes easy for Douglas.

The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland” might just be the most luxurious piece of contemporary rock instrumental music that we’ve heard in quite a while. Platforming everything that we’re in love without about classical rock, the overall funky verse throughout makes for an out of this world listening experience.

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