and and and /// Xena Glas

Having to have started in the 1990s, indie folk has been able to provide a platform for those who have been influenced by folk music that has been among all musicians from the indie rock scene. On the other hand, there are artists out there who still continue to make indie-folk possible for all to hear. This goes for artists like Xena Glas. Her track, “and and and”, provides lyrical content that is able to share a story that has yet to be told. 

The Brooklyn-based artist delivers an inspirational piece with “and and and.” It is noted that Xena is able to find inspiration from topics that are rather deep such as autism and mental health. 

The instruments that have been played throughout the release have matched well with how the track is able to share a piece of what is happening in our world today as it is able to unfold before our very eyes while we take a closer look at what is bound to be shared with the topics that have yet to tell a story that will inspire people to want to try and make a difference. 

Again, “and and and” is a track that has been released by Xena Glas in 2022, and has followed by the release of her EP that has been released this year, “Body.” Those wanting to find an artist who is able to give off inspiration should check out Xena Glas as this track alone has been able to give off just that.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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