Always Gonna Let You Down /// gloomy june

[Photo Courtesy of Sarah Arnold]

Ever since the 1970s, indie rock has been able to provide a platform for those who like to share their music with the world. There are, however, musical artists who make sure that their voices are heard, regardless if they have been signed to a major record label or not. This goes for artists like gloomy june. Their second 2022 release, “Always Gonna Let You Down”, is a track that is able to give off the definition of what indie rock is bound to represent with its lyrical content. 

Made up of vocalist Alexi Rose Belchere, guitarist Devin Nelson, bassist Jack Sundquist, and drummer Ash Hyatt, the California-based band delivers a fun and upbeat piece with “Always Gonna Let You Down.” With a sound that represents the indie rock genre down to its core, it is able to give off that rock ‘n’ roll vibe that certain audiences are able to rock out to. 

Any of the instruments played in the track, especially when the drums, bass, and guitar are played, is able to match well as it could be mixed beautifully with tunes that are bound to be played at in a party-like setting. This track can also represent a story that has yet to be told to the world, sharing feelings that are bound to be shared through its lyrics that have the ability to do the storytelling. 

Again, “Always Gonna Let You Down” is a track from gloomy june that has just been released recently on April 21, 2022, and was able to come after their first track of 2022, “Save Anyone.” Those that are wanting to find a reason to dance the day or night away should check out gloomy june because their sound is able to provide just that and so much more.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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