Easy to Fall /// Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn is a New Zealand artist based out in Denver, Colorado. Her new single “Easy to Fall” explores relationship fatigue and the lifespan of romance, touching on the nuances of how something that begins with a spark can grow to a beautiful apex and then disintegrate into nothing. Without judgment, Estella Dawn approaches the subject without attachment or anger, but instead as an observer as she adds levity to the subject with an upbeat and fun instrumental.

“Easy to Fall” begins with a four-on-the-floor kick drum and playful synth plucks alongside chords that warm up the mix as Dawn introduces herself with delivering unique elements to the genre with her voice, by performing with an alt-country tone that you wouldn’t expect alongside an electric pop number. With subtle country guitar licks and acoustic piano in the build, the song slowly unravels into its hook where the blend of genres are truly felt.

Dawn effortlessly blends pop and ballad while never sounding over the top in either direction. There are also some awesome falsetta ad-lib vocal elements that have traces of R&B, flexing Dawn’s vocal prowess.

The second verse begins with guitar chords as Dawn is able to switch up her vocal deliveries between different stylistic genres. It’s easy to forget the song’s serious nature with its optimistic instrumental as it is to fall in love. There’s also a very neat composition choice in having the song conclude before the down beat, cutting off the main lyric of “easy to fall in love”, which works well with the context of the theme.

For fans of alt-country and pop, Estella Dawn has introduced a song that is very much in line with both of those musical pallets. We look forward to hearing what’s next from the talented artist.

Written by Jon Kagan





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