Guy Like Me /// Ant Tarrant

Having fun and sharing exhilarating experiences with the people around us makes for some of the best times in life. Learning to let go, and just live in the moment can be tough, but once we figure that out, we have the rest of our lives to have an absolute ball. Ant Tarrant and EdBird encapsulate these fun-loving vibes effortlessly through the hit single, “Guy Like Me.”

Kiwi artists Ed and Ant take creative reference from Maroon 5 and Flight of the Concords. Enjoying writing candy pop songs, the duo’s musical works together create an upbeat and lively vibe that is effortlessly contagious. Playing festivals around New Zealand, their new track “Guy Like Me” should be played at all the top festivals around the world to get crowds bumping.

Guy Like Me” builds such an amazing atmosphere from the first melody. While showing off indie pop vibes, the track celebrates living life and doing what we want. The lyrics tease the story of a girl meeting a boy, and Ed and Ant sing out, “the perfect combination of sweetness, how about it, a girl like you and a guy like me, living in a fantasy…

The track, too, comes paired with a hilarious homemade video on YouTube. Throughout the video, both Ed and Ant switch back and forth between roles. At times, we’re met with Ed wearing a blonde wig, and at other times we see Ant in the same wig. Presumably taking on the girl and “Guy Like Me” me role throughout the video, they create a “romantic” atmosphere full of good vibes and laughs.

Showcasing their personalities throughout the video and track itself, Ed and Ant leave us wanting more. You’ll want to make sure to stream “Guy Like Me” to immerse yourself with impeccable summer vibes!

Written by McKinley Franklin





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