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This Is What You Wanted /// Bohardt

It can be devastating to lose someone that we care about. No matter the circumstances, sometimes people decide to give up on us, leaving us to figure things out and continue. The old saying goes, “you don’t know what you’re missing, until it’s gone,” and this is the exact message we get from Bohardt’s electrifying track, “This Is What You Wanted.”

Los Angeles-based artist Bohardt finds inspiration points from the likes of Sam Smith, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, X Ambassadors, LANY and Lauv. Having loved music from a very young age, Bohardt began playing and releasing music at the young age of 15 but decided to embark on a solo career in 2019. Being involved in an array of genres including metal, pop punk and even musical theatre, Bohardt now specializes in creating alt/synthpop hits, just like “This Is What You Wanted.”

This Is What You Wanted” was particularly inspired by the work of popular musician The Weeknd, reeling us in right from the beginning. Showcasing a blend of upbeat, funky pop elements that get us stirring, the track, too, blends more electric/house/dance music, making for an all-new sound. The uplifting aura on the track gives us an 80s dance reference, with new wave/modern influences throughout.

Though the track itself showcasing optimistic melodies, the subject matter still touches on a deep subject. Moving on from a relationship can be hard and making the decision to put yourself first can be treacherous. Nevertheless, it can be a liberating experience, especially when your ex sees how good you’re doing without them.

Bohardt sings out to this ex, raving, “this is what you wanted, oh, this is what you wanted, oh…”

The track gives off an optimistic vibe, full of opportunities and beats that make you want to dance along. As Bohardt says himself, “I just want to write music that makes people feel better. Whether that means they want to dance or they just want to listen to.” Though moving on can be tough, this song makes it that much easier. Make sure to stream “This Is What You Wanted” as hot girl summer rolls around the corner.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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