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Rescue Me /// Cindy-Louise

It can be hard to know who to trust in this modern world. Tainted experiences with bad individuals can change our entire experience and opinions on life as it is. It’s as if there’s no way to escape the inevitable pains that come with this journey called life. All these problems are discussed through Cindy-Louise’s hit track, “Rescue Me.”

Originally born in South Africa, Cindy-Louise is an established singer, songwriter and lyricist. With main influences on her aesthetic being rather mysterious, Cindy-Louise finds solace in film music/soundtracks and dark pop music. Being featured in Huisgenoot magazine, News24 lifestyle and upon Jacaranda FM, Cindy-Louise’s music has accumulated streaming numbers past the hundreds of thousands. We’re in love with Cindy-Louise’s edgy pop vibes, which is exactly what she showcases to us on “Rescue Me.”

The track, believe it or not, takes inspiration from action and crime films. After watching this genre of film, Cindy-Louise noticed how much dishonesty there truly is in our world. The track “Rescue Me” explores this concept, pondering on the pressures that these negativities will have on the future generations to come.

The track transforms from a soft build of slow pop influences to a super dynamic yet upbeat and moody persona throughout. Discussing the deep topic of the pessimisms of the world, the track uplifts this spirit through its overall pop essence.

Cindy-Louise raves about the troubles that life entails, when singing out, “who do you call when it’s over, who do you look at with all this shame, this pain is growing deeper within, who do you call when it’s over, is it really ever over?”

Searching for lifeline, “Rescue Me” is a message to society about how unfortunate events can truly affect our lives. These instances harden us and can ultimately close us off from differing experiences to come.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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