Let Me Go /// Ariel Rose

“Let Me Go” is the new single by latin pop artist Ariel Rose. It combines a powerful brass section with engaging percussion and rhythmic writing. The song features singer Lors, producer Tony Succar, and musician Kenyi. 

Ariel Rose is from Miami, and her debut album was released in 2010. Her song “My Perfect Day” won awards when she was just 15 years old. The lyrics on “Let Me Go” seem to reference the end of a relationship, and what the aftermath could be like. Rose’s part is in english. “If I left, would you go right? Would you chase me through the night? Or would you let me go and walk alone, just like a stranger passing by?” she sings. 

Lors has a verse in spanish, which fits the theme musically of the track. The whole song is 3:13 minutes, which is a solid length. The song is not too short and it doesn’t drag along either, it maintains energy for the whole duration. Rose’s voice is powerful and sounds catchy and melodic on this song. 

The piano, brass section, and percussion make up the majority of the instruments at the focus of the song. This style of latin pop is catchy but also has lots of energy and would fit in at any party. 

Ariel Rose is planning to release her new EP on May 20, 2022. She has 14,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and her song “Somebody Loves You” helped raise proceeds for the Miami Pandemic Response Fund. 

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