Give Me The Blame /// YUTZI

As much as we may think that we, as individuals, are meant to share our lives and love with another, that is not always the case. Sometimes, we may feel that we need space to spare the weight of our baggage from getting in the way of a happy relationship. Baltimore-based indie folk outfit YUTZI have released a single, entitled “Give Me The Blame,” which is a simple, it’s not you, it’s me rendition that endeavors to go on a walkabout.

At the start, this tune lays out a template of sweet sounding acoustics before building up into a smooth ensemble of guitar, horns and strings. Altogether, it is not overly lonesome, but it is still the right amount of woeful to clearly resonate through. It sends you into the depths of reflection without sending your mood down a dour rabbit hole. 

“Sometimes, I inflict the pain,” lead singer Tom Starr starts off. “I can be so cold. Just give me the blame.” The last line is central to this tune’s theme of resignation. Starr delivers a docile lilt with his vocals that makes his impending departure all the more meaningful. In the end, he “must go away” to spare the aforementioned pain. 

“Give Me The Blame” doesn’t go heavy on the sappy turns of phrase to get its point across. Instead of languishing in empty, flowery language, it gets right to the point of someone who has made their mind up. It is better served not tap dancing around anything and making the situation as plain as day.

Written by Travis Boyer





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