Medicine /// Yellowlees

Yellowlees’s infectious and melancholic new track “Medicine” is the ultimate song for fans of indie rock, pop, and music with meaningful lyrics. Its ultra-addicting beat and remarkable lyrical content shine through so flawlessly in “Medicine”; Yellowlees’s multidimensional talent as a musician is shown in this poignant track that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of love.

“Medicine” begins with a melodic tune that right off the bat brings listeners in; as Yellowlees’s captivating voice comes in, the instrumental takes a backseat. Yellowlees’s meaningful lyrics arrive, with his raspy, yet silky-smooth voice. The lyrics in “Medicine” are all about love: “trying to think of something to write to you; none of my words can quite describe you,” and “I think you’re lovely; you’re everything”; “Medicine” highlights the indescribable feeling of falling in love. It is one of those songs that is simple yet so alluring at the same time: the subtle strumming of a guitar, enthralling tune, and beautiful lyrics. 

Yellowlees’s gripping vocals bring the listener in; no matter what type of music one listens to, they won’t be able to turn “Medicine” off. The song’s ultra-catchy melody only gets more intriguing as it continues.

Play “Medicine” at your next barbeque, drive to the beach, or kickback, as by the end of the day, the lyrics and hypnotizing beat will be in everyone’s heads. Yellowlees is destined to be a hit for fans of Damien Rice, Hozier, and artists with true, deep lyrical content.

Photo credits: Alfred Barwick

Written by Melissa Cusano







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