Here are six new music releases that we at PopFad think you will enjoy. Perhaps, your new favorite artist is waiting below:

Thomas Stringfellow – Crash Test Dummy (CTD)

The melodic tapestry of “Crash Test Dummy (CTD)” by Thomas Stringfellow features strands of classical piano interwoven with threads of skipping bass and ethereal xylophone fringes. All of these come together for this track’s sonic collage that takes shape by 2:15, capped off by furious strings upon its final exit.

Maria Alexa – Scared To Know You

“Scared To Know You” by NYC-based artist Maria Alexa has a sleeper quality of edginess about it. Aside from the occasional rat-a-tat-tat drums, this indie pop single carries a stealthy, yet racing bass line throughout the rest of the track.

Stefan Certic – World Of Mine

For the most part, “World Of Mine” by Stefan Certic takes on an industrialized melodic process. This is mirrored in the pneumatic pattern of its bass beat and the mechanical-like inner workings of its finer synth effects.

KAH – I Can’t Have You

At first, “I Can’t Have You” by German singer-songwriter KAH starts in banjo pickin’, folk singer style. However, the appearance of ethereal synth, steel-guitarish whines and jangles complete this song’s transformation into a folk-pop hybrid.

Aquafox – Hurt You

With an occasional xylophone dancing along its melodic fringes, “Hurt You” by alt-rock artist Aquafox is a song that proves that you never know what will catch your ear. If you like what you hear, Aquafox’s debut album is set to drop this November.

Elizabeth Cuite – Woman In The Window

An intro accented by the pops and crackles of a flickering flame set the atmosphere for the rustic folk single, “Woman In The Window,” by singer-songwriter Elizabeth Cuite. Furthermore, Cuite’s wistful vocals are a top highlight of her latest release.


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