Hyperspiritual /// YUS

Released on Manneken Records, “Hyperspiritual” is the latest album by synthpop artist YUS. As highlighted below, YUS’ creative palette ranges from methodical, effervescent, ruminative and tangible.

Evoking a mechanical, pneumatic type of cadence, the opening track, “Kettle Beat,” combines its workmanlike bass with a layer of subtle claps and siren-esque synth to the mix before a slightly fluctuating loop of chiming notes enter the scene. The latter sounds reminiscent of a vintage video game stuck in an infinite loop of hitting the power-up.      

At first, “Give Me That” starts by serving bite-sized melodic pieces of Latin flavor in a herky jerky, play and pause pattern of each lively snippet of horns and drums. Eventually, you get the full version, without interruption, of what turns out to be a hypnotic rhythm and intoxicating atmosphere that beckons to let the music move you. 

On the flip side, “Better Frens” resides in a deeply moody place of meditative beats, jangly effects and pitter pattering percussion skipping across the ether. In addition, the vocal loop of “better frens” is a mantra that echoes from way down deep. 

Slightly tinged by an ethereal buzz of acoustic chords, the finale, “Smoke Rings,” also features a scraping after effect skipping alongside its bass beat to create a tactile spin on the soundscape. In addition, YUS delivers vaporous vocals from underneath its reverberating filter punctuated by asking “will we break the spell?”

Written by Travis Boyer






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