NAMELESS /// Mishell Ivon

It’s everyone’s goal to turn their dreams into a reality. We can spend time wishing upon stars and hoping for our situation to instantly turn into a dream life, but that’s not how life tends to reward us. If we start to live everyday like we’ve already accomplished these goals, though, sooner enough we’ll be living those dreams out. Mishell Ivon captures this message beautifully with an upbeat, funky vibe on “NAMELESS.”

Munich-based artist Mishell Ivon creates an electrifying aura on the track “NAMELESS.” Specializing in the musical genres of disco/funk/boogie funk, we see all of these influences and more throughout her work. Blending nostalgic, funky beats from disco/funk music, we see the piece modernized through incorporations of contemporary pop/electronic nuances.

The overall message of the piece in “NAMELESS” is to embody one’s true confidence and to start living life like we’re already “famous.” This may not be everyone’s dream, but no matter what you hope to achieve in life, if you start acting like you are that person you want to be, you’ll swiftly become them! Mishell captures this through her funky R&B inspired track, encouraging audiences to live their lives completely authentic.

Mishell speaks to letting go and having fun, which is hard not to do on a track with such an amazing spirit. The melody blends impeccably with her lovely vocals, building such a magnetizing track. She sings out about living in the moment, with souls colliding at every turn, “make me lose control, make me lose control.”

We’re mesmerized by the anthemic, self-motivating piece that Mishell has created through “NAMELESS.” If you’re in search of a little extra push to go after your wildest aspirations, you’ll have to take a listen to this song.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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