“IDC” is the new single by indie pop rock group TRNR (pronounced turner). There are guitars, catchy pop vocal hooks, and hip hop present on this all around song. 

The song features a rapped verse along with the sung verse and chorus. The message of the song is that he doesn’t care what the doubters have to say or think, he will keep doing things that he wants to do. In the press release for the song, he said this: ‘”I wrote this song to everyone who ever had doubt in me. I’ve had many people in my life tell me thatI couldn’t make it, or to stop pursuing my dreams. This song is to let them all know IDC.” IDC is a powerful and uplifting anthem to those who feel disenfranchised or marginalized for being themselves. It features soaring chorus and moody verses to encapsulate the feeling of overcoming doubters’ he said.  

This song is uplifting while also having that aggression required to combat those doubters that he describes. “I don’t need your bad vibes here now, you’re always bringing me down. I don’t care what you think” he sings. He dismisses them in a flow of rhymes during the rap portion. “I’m standing on top of a mount Everest, you’re there down on the ground, regretting. Every time you opened your mouth, I sent it. All the way up to clouds, SpaceX” he raps. 

TRNR has over 1,000 listeners on Spotify, and his previous three singles have had success as well.





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