Everything /// Blondeking

“Everything” is the newest single by indie artist Blondeking. This song uses elements of pop and EDM to create an eletronic rock soundscape that absorbs the listeners ears. Blondeking is a one man band, Thomas Dickens. 

His vocals blend well with the electronic production of the track. The guitar and drum part sound influenced from 1980s rock. “Is everything I am, falture like daughter, try to find it” he sings. The voices echo within the center of the track, with the guitars and drum taking a leading role. 

The other verses offer lyrics of hope and inspiration, about moving forward into the future. There are numerous instrumental sections between the singing, and they allow the guitars and sythesizers to shine even more. 

“Everything” is 4:17 minutes long, and has lots of musical ideas to offer. The lyrics seem somewhat ambigouidous, which adds to the songs mystery and space like vibe. The song has purpose while also not hitting you in the face, it is very subtle in its musical moments. 

With each listen, a new melody or lyric opens up new meaning, which is the sign of a well written song. On the press release included with the song, Thomas offers up some more of an explanation on what the song is about. “Everything is a song about the struggle of losing success. About feeling powerful but being weak. As everything is falling apart the charecter in the song find repreive with someone. Some have wondered if there is a darker twist in the song. Nothing sinister is intended” he said. 

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