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For a long time, electronic pop has provided a radio-friendly sound for all audiences to hear. However, there are artists and/or bands out there who continue to give electronic pop a great feel, giving the genre the definition of how it can be rather catchy. This goes for bands like Girl Pow-R. Their latest release for 2022, “Galaxy”, is a track that is able to show off lyrical content that is out of this world.

Made up of all young women who know what holding power and being yourself  is all about, including that of Emma Bown, Cindy Kofman, and Carina Bianchini, the Canadian-based band delivers a powerful piece with “Galaxy.” Cindy notes that the track itself “is all about leaving your mark and chasing after your dreams no matter how big they might be.”

The sound of each instrument played has been able to match well with how the track represents such talent. This would pair beautifully with a scene from a sci-fi movie where one is traveling through a spaceship and overlooks the galaxy from afar. This all-girl pop-rock band has been nominated for a JUNO back in March of 2020.

Again, “Galaxy” is the latest release from Girl Pow-r that has taken over the music airwaves by storm earlier this month, and was able to come out after tracks that have been released last year such as the remixes of “Stronger Than Yesterday” and “Krisi.” Those who are wanting to find a reason to follow their dreams and want to make their dreams a reality should check out Girl Pow-R because their sound is able to provide just that and so much more that is bound to come.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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