Friday /// The Confederation

“Friday” is the new single by indie artist The Confederation. They are from the United Kingdom, and are a multi genre focused group. This song features a catchy guitar part, and interesting melodies by the vocalists. Simone Miller and Simon Jolly are the lead vocalists, Steven Blessing on guitar, and Jolly also on piano. 

The lyrics talk vaguely about a relationship, and how the communication is starting to fail. “You got nothing more to say” they sing together. However, there is hope that things may work out, “We come to the end of the night I think we’re through, but you keep coming around. Keep coming around. Till Friday comes around” they sing. The guitar part builds up tension and speeds up during this section, which plays on the meaning of the lyrics. The song is well crafted, and crafted with purpose. The composition of the whole song is probably the biggest strength that The Confederation has to offer here. 

“Friday” is 3:01 minutes in length, and the whole thing feels like it is moving at full speed for the whole track. The energy can be felt on this song, through the guitar, but also through the singing and other instruments. There is a vocal background part that adds another layer to the song between verses. 

According to their press release, The Confederation is “a soul, pop, rock, jazz, funk, fusion blending uptempo, downtempo, dance, trance, old school, and neo soul” they said. They have released five songs on Spotify to date. 

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