New Flavors /// The Loud Bangs

What does one make of a genre of music that is a mood unto itself? With everything up to interpretation, the limits are endless with a genre such as shoegaze. Los Angeles-based rock outfit The Loud Bangs leaves it all up to you, the listener, to fill in the blanks with their latest single, “New Flavors.” Without the benefit of an overarching lyrical theme or impassioned vocals, the hyper-analytical sector of your brain can go on vacation. Instead, your creative consciousness is unleashed to conjure up your own personal interpretation.

“Who needs lyrics to convey emotion?” is the proud mission statement put forth by The Loud Bangs. Backed by guitarists Alice Street and Daisy Gutierrez, bassist Hannah Remley and drummer Marcus Nemuro, the band creates their own unique spirit with their own brand of instrumental indoctrination. To fully appreciate this sound, a clean slate in your frame of mind is necessary. It is a type of freedom that is rarely experienced with music. Without having to derive meaning from a turn of phrase, the music can speak to you in a voice that only you can hear and appreciate.

As for this particular sound, The Loud Bangs set forth with an intense, crunchy guitar at the onset. Following suit, there are waves of drums and cymbal crashes that join in. Throw in some “oohs and ahhs” for vocals and it creates an all-around ethereal sensation. Once and awhile, what sounds like “play something new” breaks through the ether. While slightly indiscernible, this subtle message speaks to how creativity and evolution go hand and hand. Create your own art with your own vision, but you cannot remain static in that space.

As majestically as The Loud Bangs’ melody enters your ears, it mystically leaves with a gentle fade into nothingness. Music is a succinct experience that arrives with a sudden clamor and leaves abruptly. It’s not tangible, but it stays with you in one way, shape or form. “New Flavors” embodies the transcendent quality that music can have. You may spend three minutes listening to this track, but the personal mood it conjures lasts long after.

Written by Travis Boyer





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