Castle in the Sky /// David Ward

David Ward is a celebrated songwriter that commands an audience with each of his musical works. Whether it be his impeccable storytelling abilities, his unique sound or his incredible vocal range, one thing is for sure; David Ward has serious talent. We’ve been recently stunned by his latest release “Castle in the Sky.”

With a body of work consisting of five albums, we’re excited to see what comes next for David Ward. Having played with other artists, we’re enthralled by David Ward’s electrifying artistry. His upcoming album, LoZ, is sure to showcase dancey tracks that we can bust a move to. For now, we’ve been loving the dreamy soulful R&B aura on “Castle in the Sky” that we were instantly drawn to.

Showcasing hints of contemporary rock-flares, “Castle in the Sky” sports an overall alternative/electric/pop vibe to it. David Ward not only shows off his incredible songwriting talents, but his incredible vocals throughout the piece. We’re met with powerful vocals that take us by storm, commanding an audience to listen and listen well.

The track itself speaks to dreams that we seek out in this life, and how sharing these dreams with others can be an incredible experience. David Ward explores his vulnerability throughout the pieces, creating a dynamic and bold track that encourages us to be open with those around us.

Castle in the Sky” is a unique track that promotes a beautiful and vulnerable story. Leaning on those around us, it can be refreshing to share our hopes and dreams with others, building a support system that is sure to added extra strength.

Written by McKinley Franklin






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