Experiencing loss at a very young age alters the course of action for the entirety of one’s life. As a child, we’re so vulnerable, depending on those around us to guide and teach us. Dealing with losing someone in our lives at a very young age can leave a child empty and confused, not truly being able to understand what is happening. Learning to overcome all of this and heal takes true strength, as exemplified by Jōviky through his new track “Proud of Me.”

Artist, songwriter and producer Jōviky is renowned for his personability and vulnerability showcased on his pieces of music. Fusing together the genres of hip hop, pop, folk and alt-music, he creates his very own aesthetic point-of-view unlike modern artists today. Sharing his story through the power of music, we’re stunned by the true openness that Jōviky platforms in each of his tracks, but especially with “Proud of Me.”

Opening up on a widespread level, Jōviky speaks to experiencing loss throughout the duration of his adolescence. Finding solace through songwriting and connecting with his audiences, Jōviky builds a beautiful almost healing piece to evaluate his childhood loss.

About the track, Jōviky states, “For me, this song is an awakening, a moment of clarity inspired by time spent lamenting the loss of childhood. Sharing these thoughts and feelings brought me peace. I hope it can help others dealing with the arduous process of overcoming childhood trauma.”

The piece itself is truly poetic, accompanied by an effortlessly catchy hip-hop aura built through the melody. The musical element of the piano throughout the piece creates a streamline throughout, providing connections to Jōviky’s deep lyrics. Jōviky mentions how he endured losing his father at such a young age, and how he hopes that everyone is proud of him.

Jōviky sings out, “We was only just kids, I was supposed to be,” highlighting the fact that going through such a difficult experience at a child almost forces one to grow up. We’re stunned by the rawness that Jōviky showcases on the piece, and we can’t wait to see what he will create next.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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