He Ain’t You /// Allegra

Trying to move on from someone that we love can be a painful endeavor. We try to keep our minds occupied about thinking what’s next to come. At times, we try to get over an ex by filling their space with someone new. It seems that even if we find someone new, they’re just not that special someone, as Allegra raves about in her new track “He Ain’t You.”

UK-based artist Allegra has grown to critical acclaim since her musical debut in 2019. Growing up singing and performing for her family, to creating her own music at the age of 14, we see Allegra enter a new era with the release of this new track. Previously creating more dance-inspired tracks, Allegra shifts to a more stripped back style with her “He Ain’t You.” Having performed on CBBC’s Saturday mash up and becoming the face of Rollacoaster Magazine’s Autumn/Winter issue, we can’t wait to see what comes next for Allegra.

He Ain’t You” is a contemporary pop track that discusses the emotions that come with missing an ex and trying so hard to move on from them. Let’s face it; we’ve all been through this. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to move on from this person. Even if that means going out and meeting someone new that checks all of our boxes, “it don’t mean a thing at all, cause he ain’t you,” Allegra sings out.

The track itself opens up with a soft, inviting pop sound. We’re quickly enticed when Allegra begins speaking about meeting someone new, how this person treats her better than her ex did before. Even her friends can see this, they encourage her to go for it, but she can’t seem to get her mind off of that past lover.

She tries to forget about him but finds herself even remembering him while spending time with a new person. She sings, “close my eyes for a second, it just might do, I pretend, but he ain’t you…

Written by McKinley Franklin








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