Maijah is a sparkly, starry, singer-songwriter blending modern day topics with metaphysical symbolism. Inspired by artists such as Amy Winehouse, Jorja Smith, Sabrina Claudio, Adele, and Doja Cat, she mixes a blend of genre influences to create a new refreshing sound. “My Time” is her new single that’s a part of her upcoming “Star Fairy” EP and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

“My Time” begins with a tasteful synth chord that has a burlesque nature to it within its color and waltz-esqe personality. Maijah right away delivers that Amy Winehouse influenced vocal inflection as the tune settles into a more cinematic type atmosphere that then transforms into a trap beat with a rhythmic guitar and bass. Maijah displays her charisma as a vocalist during this verse, but before you know it the instrumental renders again into an electronic aggressive bass hook.

Maijah has great control of her voice and shows an impressive range of vocal stylistic deliveries and rhythms that makes the song feel like you’re bouncing between so many different genres, yet it’s all still cohesive through Maijah’s voice. There is even an interesting bridge before the last hook with vocoding vocals which inevitably transitions to the last hook – serving as the biggest and most powerful moment in the song. The production done by Nic Casey is very impressive, allowing a dynamic instrumental that’s professional sounding for a great talent like Maijah to put her skills on full display. 

Lyrically, Maijah is sharing her supreme confidence, expressing where she deserves to be in life and that she won’t let anything derail her path. The second verse is almost written in a battle-style format, talking to her competition, alarming them that she’s the one who is up next. To make her argument, the composition supports her argument by the way highlights her different styles in each section of the piece.

There’s no denying that Maijah’s range has truly taken pieces of her influences to form her own original sound. With strong production and songwriting, we look forward to hearing more from the singer-songwriter.

Written by Jon Kagan





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