Dimension /// Cate Hamilton

Cate Hamilton is a Brooklyn based psychedelic pop / r&b singer, songwriter, and producer. There’s an emotive cinematic quality to her sound while having strong pop sensibilities that lend to her self-described sound as, “If Tame Impala and Snoh Aalegra had a baby.” With “Dimension” she introduces a strong synth wave/retro number that is worth your attention through an impressive performance and an original premise.

“Dimension” is about the experience of meeting a stranger, but it feels like you may have met them before. Cate Hamilton touches on the familiarity of an encounter with someone that feels like a soulmate from a past life due to a strong chemistry.

The track begins with synth chords and layered keys. A minimal and tamed drum beat rides along with a syncopated muted guitar. The riff continues throughout while Cate Hamilton graces the song with reverberated vocals. The timbre and energy of the song feels like an access to some other dimension. The production is simple and provides a lot of space for Cate Hamilton’s lead vocals and harmonies/ad-libs fill up the sound spectrum. As she sings about the feeling of thinking you had met someone before and trying to pin where you know them from from, great ad-libs of ‘missing’ them are tucked in the background. The end of the hook also flexes some of her great vocal ability with falsettos and hitting impressive high notes.

At two minutes and fifty three seconds, the song does a great job of not feeling long with its chord progression, which is a nod to Hamilton for making a great composition choice with the duration of the record. For fans of psychedelic pop with a unique and refreshing song topic, Cate Hamilton’s got you covered with “Dimension”. We look forward to hearing what’s next.

Written by Jon Kagan





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