Front Row Empty /// The Lowtones

If you’re a fan of indie melodic rock bands like DIIV and Beach Fossils, you won’t get enough of alternative rock band The Lowtone’s latest EP, “Front Row Empty.” Consisting of five ultra-addicting, nostalgic, and truly unforgettable tracks, “Front Row Empty” takes the listener on a captivating journey that they won’t forget.

The Lowtones is composed of five multi-talented musicians: Oliver ‘Mav’ Mavilio on vocals, Jack Abbott and Tim Cary on guitar, Aaron Davies-Jones on Bass, and George Abbott serves as the band’s drummer.

“Front Row Empty” begins strong with its first track, “Let Go,” which, as the title suggests, is about the crushing feeling of having to let go of someone you love. The track is a melancholic song with heartbreaking vocals to go with the glum instrumental; lyrics are sung in a heart-wrenching voice: “It’s time to let go; please tell me why you don’t want me.” 

Following “Let Go” is “Funeral,” which has an overall dimmer vibe, consisting of low-toned guitars, fuzzy drums, and Mavilio’s hard-hitting vocals, which are pleading in the lyrics, “Let the rain at the funeral be heard.” Next on the EP is “Alone,” which, although a bit of a darker title, the instrumental of the song itself has a lighter feeling. Mavilio brings unique darkness to each track, creating both a nostalgic and melancholic feeling overall. 

The last two tracks on the EP, “Near Misses” and “Streets of Shame,” both have extremely alluring instrumentals with their ultra-addicting melodies. “Streets of Shame” finishes off the EP with soaring guitars, blunt drums, and Mavilio’s voice singing the lyrics, “So I can escape” repeatedly, until it slowly fades into the distance, being a perfect conclusion to “Front Row Empty.”

Photo credits: Vera Kleinken

Written by Melissa Cusano







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