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Myself Again /// Needy Beast

Modern pop tracks are cool and all, but we’ve been looking for a sound that would really challenge us. We’re talking about a track that is inquisitive and unique, but one that still offers a stunning listening experience. If you’ve been in the search for the same kind of song, look no more, for Needy Beast’s track “Myself Again” is the perfect fit.

Based out of Los Angeles, Needy Beast is made up of a wide range of friends that are obsessed with electro-pop. Adam Moerder, producer and instrumentalist, ultimately drives the group. Created amidst the ongoing duration of the pandemic, Needy Beast began as a fun project that swiftly blossomed into a fully fledged musical group.

Myself Again” itself showcases Monice Salazar reciting the Frank O’Hara poem “Mayakovsky.” The poem touches on existential topics, creating an intriguing, interesting piece of work. The track challenges listeners to think about the true meaning of the piece, what its message to convey is.

The beginning of the track draws listeners in instantly. Magnetizing listeners by initiating a soft build, we’re met with electrifying pop feels that transcend us into new realms. In search of a fresh, brand-new sound, we’ve found just that and more with Needy Beast’s “Myself Again.”

Accompanying the peculiar lyricism, “Myself Again” creates such a unique aura full of melodies that we’ve never heard before. Infusing those natural electro/pop vibes that Needy Beast is known for, the track builds such a diverse spirit that we’re instantly attracted to. The piece shifts and turns throughout, and just when you think you know what’s coming, you’ll be stunned.

Myself Again” graces upon Needy Beast’s brand new Needy EP, which consists of four stunning tracks. As the first track of the EP, “Myself Again” is a great introduction to the artistry that is Needy Beast, make sure to stream it!

Written by McKinley Franklin







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