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Infinite Wings /// Jason Rueger and the Eyes

It can be tough to come to terms with the fact that life does not slow down for anyone. Life is constantly moving, never stopping, or slowing down no matter the circumstances. At times, we reminisce, and wish to go back to simpler times with the people that we love most. This theme is explored further through Jason Rueger and the Eyes’ track “Infinite Wings.”

The track itself originated as a project in a songwriting course led by Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes. Robin’s task involved writing and recording a track in one week that was inspired by a playlist that he complied himself. Jason remembers the prepping period that went into the songwriting, when stating, “Some of the songs I knew, many I did not… The opening notes of ‘Myself When I’m Real’ by Charles Mingus are sudden, fluttering and have a sense of excitement. I used this approach to build out my intro in the form of a spastic synth.”

Infinite Wings” creates a hypnotic track infused with indie/rock/alternative vibes throughout. Blending each of these genres, the track creates a touching sound unlike one we’ve heard yet before. The bandmates of Jason Rueger and the Eyes create impeccable sounds, consisting of pedal steel John Bottrell, drummer Wayne Miller, bassist Joe Sadler, guitarist Greg Ullery, and pianist David Gavrishov.

Captivated by the psychedelic feel of the entire piece, the song itself resembles the topic of the piece. Finding ourselves constantly stuck in motion, with no way to stop or slow down time, “Infinite Wings” transcends us to a new universe. The fluidity of the piece reminds us of the people nearest to us that we want to keep close through the journey of life.

Written by McKinley Franklin




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